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About Us

Established in 2006, Roofeze is a family-run business based in Perth that has experienced steady growth, forming a dedicated and motivated team of professional tradespeople. At Roofeze, we prioritise teamwork, safety, and quality. Our commitment is fuelled by a passion for taking on challenging projects, aiming to consistently deliver high-standard customer service and outstanding project results.

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Roofeze provides an unwavering commitment to safety extending across all our projects, prioritising the well-being of everyone involved so that each team member can enjoy their work and return home safely at the end of the day. Over many years, we have developed a robust health and safety policy, incorporating thorough procedures and documentation that strictly comply with the latest Work Health and Safety legislation. This dedication to safety underscores our approach, ensuring a secure and compliant working environment throughout our operations.

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At Roofeze, we firmly believe in the power of strong partnerships as the cornerstone for achieving exceptional success. We want to emphasize the significance of valuing and supporting our suppliers and the benefits that this brings for everyone involved in our projects. During periods of heightened demand, solidarity becomes even more crucial. Just as we are dedicated to meeting your needs and surpassing expectations, our suppliers work diligently to keep pace with increasing work loads. A heartfelt thank you to our suppliers for their unwavering commitment!

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Join the Team

Join our dynamic team at Roofeze, where opportunities for growth and evolution abound. Whether you're a skilled tradesperson ready to tackle diverse roofing projects or possess expertise in management and office support, we welcome individuals who are eager to thrive with us. Connect with us to explore the enriching and rewarding experience that life at Roofeze offers.

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Every Roofeze project boasts a high quality finish and a complete watertight guarantee. Working closely with key suppliers and construction partners, Roofeze are experts in delivering projects on time and within budget. Roofeze are well versed in standard roofing designs and products, however true value is created with specialised products and unique project designs for the team to conquer. Take a look yourself...

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